MAC "False Lashes" Mascara Review

1 Jan

Sometimes, dear readers, I like to think that MAC loves me as much as I love them. Not only have they bestowed upon me my best friend Ruby Woo (and her equally hot cousin Russian Red), but I’d also think they read my review of their mascara Haute and Naughty here.

As I was making my weekly visit to the MAC counter at Nordstrom, I noticed a new mascara displayed innocently next to the Paint Pots. (Rubuenesque will simply change your life. Or at least your eyelids.)

False Lashes.

I tried to ignore it. You see, I had given up on MAC mascaras after run-ins with ZoomFastBlackLash and Haute and Naughty. We just weren’t right for each other. I left the counter without the mascara, determined that the right mascara was still out there, waiting for me to find her.

As I sat at my desk at work, I innocently googled “Falsh Lashes MAC”. No harm and seeing it again, right? Looking over my shoulder–almost worried that someone would see me looking at such illicit pictures, I looked at the mascara again. Well…it was kind of cute. And really, I shouldn’t judge things so harshly.

Upon urging from Ruby Woo, I drove back to Nordstrom after work and looked at it again. I did need some new fake eyelashes for New Year’s Eve. Ignoring the mascara for a second time, I took them up to pay. As my card was being swiped, I heard another salesgirl say to her customer “Well, the new mascara is about to sell out…”

No. No one was going to sell the last of my mascara. I grabbed the box so fast, I probably was blurry to the naked eye.

So, dear readers, here is my official review of the new MAC mascara.

Holy. Lashes. Batman.

It works! No clumps! No flakes! I combed it on in disbelief. My lashes were growing in front of my eyes! They weren’t sticking together! Even now, I’m touching them and thinking that I might not need my trusty fake lashes. (Wait. What am I saying?! You could always use fatter eyelashes…)

Definitely buy this mascara and try it out for yourself. Perhaps practice has finally made perfect with MAC mascara–I really am quite pleased with this.

My only qualm is that after growing used to the monstrously thick brush that was Haute and Naughty, I did have to use a few more coats than normal. (But, you’re talking to the girl who can apply mascara for upwards of two minutes…) But, if the trade-off is non-clumped lashes that grow and curl in seconds, then yes, MAC, I will take that trade.

Well played, MAC. Well played.



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