Winter White

31 Dec

I have a weird phobia about the color white. Maybe this stems from my proclivity to spill things on myself, or sit in paint, or trip and fall, but unless it’s a small element of my overall outfit (read: very small), I tend to stay away from white. (Who knows what I’ll do when I get married?! Probably channel Dita’s wedding to Marilyn Mason and wear purple.)

I was clicking through editorials this morning, and I saw this image from an Armani runway.

That’s…well, it’s not so bad. Actually, I kind of like it. You could wear that in the summer, or you could wear it in the winter. How can we channel Mr. Armani at home?

Now, there is some white I wouldn’t be afraid to wear. Especially that dress with the leopard accents. RWAR.


Ps. Obvi, the Armani image isn’t mine. If it was, that means I would have been there and been about four times cooler than I am now. So, no suing kthanks.


One Response to “Winter White”

  1. Cafe Fashionista December 31, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    Oh, how I adore winter white – it is truly one of the most scrummy colors!Happy, Happy New Year!! 🙂

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