Shopping’s Always Better When You Have Money!

31 Dec

Hi dolls,

So, after months of feeling too broke to do any real good while shopping, I found myself at Nordstrom Rack (or the best store in the world!) wanting to find some new black boots. I have been on the hunt for months trying to find a pair of over-the-knee, black leather boots that were flat. See, at 5’11, regular over-the-knee boots hit way below where they should. I had a lot of stipulations for my boots as well–I wanted them to be flat and comfortable, a little slouchy, and have some interesting detail.

Last night, as I browsed the shoe section for abnormally large-footed people (read: size 11), I saw a boot flopped over sadly. As I reached up to touch it, the harp strains from one of my current favorite songs (“Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine) began to play. If that wasn’t a sign, I’m not sure what is. (It seems to me that if heavenly chords begin to play when you touch a pair of shoes, God probably is saying, “Hey, you down there, you should probably get these. Yeah, I love you too.”)

The boots fit perfectly, and I, for the first time in a long time, felt zero guilt. (See, once you hit the real world after college, with bills and savings accounts, shopping kind of takes a back seat. But, I was flush with Christmas money, and I was ready to live a little!)

As I wandered up towards the counter to take my beautiful new boots home, I saw an adorable black sweater dress that would go perfectly. Originally $128 on sale for $39? Oh, yes, Mr. Black Dress, you can come home with me too. Then, a wine colored pair of sweater tights began to ask to be matched with the black dress and my new boots, so I grabbed them too. Next to the tights, there lay a lone pair of camel-colored cashmere gloves, and I didn’t want them to feel left out, so I took them too.

Finally, I get in line. Unfairly, the line snakes by the jewelry case. Then, I see it.

Michael Kors makes the most amazing watches, and my dad had gotten my awesome stepmom two gorgeous ones for Christmas that I secretly wished I could have. I may have been on a spending-money kick, but even I know that the $195 for the watch needed to pay the bills next month. Still…I could try it on, right? I slipped it on, and of course, it looked like it had finally found its home. Maybe I could just wear it until I got to the front of the line, right? The woman behind me told me she liked the watch, and I saw that look in her eyes like she wanted to buy it. Of course, I got extremely possessive like Golum over the One Ring (I mean, I was practically crooning My preciousssss…) I didn’t take it off until I got to the counter, where I mournfully told the girl I couldn’t get it.

“But, it’s only $79!” She replied, chipper like all those Nordstrom people are.

Hallelujah choruses didn’t go off this time (like they did with my boots), but I did feel a flutter in my heart akin to love. I was able to take home my boots, a dress, tights, gloves, the Burt’s Bees chapstick that I got seduced by while standing in line, and then…my watch for under $200. If that isn’t a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.




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