Blair Waldorf, Prep School, and You

29 Dec

I always wished my high school made us wear uniforms. Pleated skirts, knee socks, sharp blazers–if I had to wear this every day, I would probably be pretty content with my life. Unfortunately, this look doesn’t always translate well into my new corporate existence. So, how do I fulfill my fantasies of prep school uniforms and being Blair Waldorf while still looking grown up?

Time to fall back on my favorite color combination. Red, blue, and white. Yes, those colors can evoke all things American (or French…) but for me, these colors always look timeless, preppy, and even a little nautical (which, is another of my obsessions).

Blair here has the right idea with combing navy, white, and a pop of color. While she picked yellow, I lean more towards red. Really, with such basic pieces, you can add almost any color you love and still look amazing.

Here I changed it a little bit with an amazing polka dot skirt and heels, but I’m sure you kids know that white shirts go with everything in the world. So experiment with your own variations of the prep school uniform!


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