Blair Waldorf and the Mighty Coat

29 Dec

Count Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf as another one of my obsessions–ladylike and classic while still maintaining a pop of edge. I’m sure most of GG’s viewers tune in just see what she’ll wear every week.

Today, we are going to talk about coats. Really, your coat defines you during the winter. If you spend all your time on planning your most adorable outfit, and then throw on your ratty old jacket, you ruin the entire effect. My closet is absolutely full of coats of every color and style–I view them as outfits that need to change every day.

Blair, as always, does a beautiful job of picking bright, beautiful coats. I also love how she’s always mixing colors that you wouldn’t normally pair to create an eye-popping effect that is still classy.

The coat is obviously gorgeous, and the dress will provide a nice pop of color peeking out from the hem. I know some fashionistas say that breaking the fashion rule of matching shoes and handbags is totally in now, but I love coordinating accessories–it really pulls an outfit together.


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