Haute and Naughty by MAC–Review

23 Dec

In my eyes, MAC can do no wrong. Their colors are always amazing; the quality is impressive; the packaging is adorable.

I think they have a hard time though, with mascaras. My collection of MAC makeup is pretty impressive:

I’m always on the lookout for the newest, best mascara to give me long, thick lashes, so when my normal salesgirl at MAC told me about the new Haute and Naughty mascara, I was pretty excited. My previous experience with a MAC mascara (Zoomfastblacklash) left me with big lashes–but big clumpy lashes. Halfway through the day, it would flake off and fall on my cheeks. Not a good look at all.

I was initially drawn to Haute and Naughty because I am unbelievably seduced by gimmicks. What’s great about this mascara is the ability to choose between two different brushes–the thinner one is more of a natural look, while the thicker brush is for nighttime. (Or, if you’re like me, you just use the thick brush all the time–why would you want to dial down your lashes?!)

I experienced the same sort of problem as I did with Zoomfastblacklash (geez, say that five times fast). Potential to be very very clumpy, but at least no renegade flakes. (Progess!) I found that I would apply a few coats with the thick brush, and then try to comb through my lashes with the smaller brush. My lashes were pretty (as promised), but this wasn’t a love at first swipe experience for me.

I’d probably give this a grade of a B. It did what it said, but I didn’t love it, and won’t buy it again. My sheer love for MAC definitely influences my grade, but unless you have the patience to comb through your lashes demolishing clumps, I wouldn’t buy this.


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