Preppy Picks from the SHOPBOP F&F Sale

15 Oct

The SHOPBOP Friends and Family sale is a little overwhelming–I mean, you have like 13,000 things to sift through.

Luckily, you have a great friend (aka ME!) to go through pages and pages of coats and boots and sweaters and round up the best of the best.

Some of my tips for shopping a sale like this is to focus on pieces that are classic (no super trendy platform sneakers, please) or that don’t normally go on sale (like the Tory Burch Revas).

First up, in the Tory Burch group, we have….the Revas.  These are usually not included in the Tory Burch website sales, so the SHOPBOP sale is a great time to pick them up.  (I’ve bought two pairs in the past during this sale!)

The 25% off takes them down to $168.75, which is a pretty great price for shoes you’ll wear every day.  (I’ve completely worn out two pairs of these.)

Colors included are classic black, royal tan, and snakeskin.  A similar style to the Reva is the Serena, which is a two toned suede.

One of my Tory Burch disclaimers is that Revas are a $!&# to break in.  There will be blood.  (Haha.  Okay, not that extreme.)  But they can be painful for the first few wears until the leather starts molding to your foot.  If you want to skip that whole breaking in period but get a similar look, I recommend the Caroline flat.  The elastic is super comfy, and they aren’t as stiff as the Reva.  In the sale, they come in classic black, navy, and a pretty wine.

My last Tory Burch shoe recommendation are the Miller Sandals.  Even though some of us won’t be able to rock these until next spring, they are a comfy, timeless sandal.

Now onto sweaters.

A chunky cable-knit from 525 America

A swingy sweater dress from Club Monaco

Obviously had to include the leopard critter cashmere.

BB Dakota Collar Sweater


Great time to invest in a classic DVF wrap dress

Cobalt Zipper Dress

Norma Kamali knit dress

Equipment Leopard Dress

Into coats…

Madewell Colorblock Coat

Mackage Wool Plaid Coat

Your Fall Shopping List

22 Sep

Really, this post is more selfish than anything else.  I just need a place to list all the clothes on my fall wish list.  (Also, this is a good way to continue my habit of continuing to twin every day with my Insta-BFF, Robin Van Crabb aka the brilliant mind behind my new fav blog The Dress Decoded.)

So basically, if you like critter prints, wool, or plaid, come on a shopping adventure with me!  (Another disclaimer:  There’s a lot of Brooks Brothers new Red Fleece label.  It’s basically a more affordable collection of the Brooks Brothers staples we preppy girls know and love.  Plus, if you shop today, you can save an extra 25% off with code FF25.)

Cardigan + Pleated Skirt

Tennis Sweater

Blackwatch Plaid Dress

Cotton Shirt Dress

Dog Sweater + Herringbone Skirt

Quilted Wool + Plaid Dress

We’re switching over to Talbot’s now, which I know a lot of people think is where their grandmothers shop, but the store is actually home to a lot of classic, well-made pieces that will round out any closet.

Mallard Critter Print Oxford

(All tops are buy one, get one 50% off right now!)

Fox Print Silk Shirt

Leopard Print Coat

Rainy Day Sweater

Animal / Stripes Tee

Next up is a gorgeous nautically retro coat from Boden.

This coat is so gorgeous.  I literally can’t even.  (Actually, you can even.  Here’s your new wallpaper.  You’re welcome.)

Soldier Sweater

Classic, Ladylike Looks from NYFW

10 Sep

No eloquent post here today.  Just some of my favorite pictures (so far) from Fashion Week.

(Note: All pictures taken from unless otherwise credited.)

From Oscar de La Renta:

(I loved all the ladylike silhouettes and perfect prints.)

I loved this coat from Tory Burch.

From Michael Kors:

From Polo Ralph Lauren:


From Badgley Mischka:

From Co:

From Barbara Tfank:


Jane and Bleecker Pajamas – The Preppy Review

9 Sep

I am not a pajama person.  I never have been.  Part of it is because I get too hot at night to even think about wearing multiple layers for sleeping.  

BUT, this past week, I was in a condo with my entire family, and I have a niece who loves to let herself in to lay on my bed and beg me to play Beauty and the Beast clips on Youtube, so I knew I needed to figure out some kind of pajama situation.

The nice folks over at Jane and Bleecker offered to send over some pajamas for me to try and review, and the timing was too perfect.

“Fun, classic, preppy?”  Yeah, I think this is right up my alley.

First, there was a super soft long sleeve top, but it was more like a thin sweatshirt.  It was so cozy and warm, and it was perfect for winding down after we got back from dinner.  It’s not something I’d be able to sleep in (due to my hot, Mediterranean blood), but it’s the perfect lounging piece.

I paired the long sleeve top with a pair of elephant print shorts.

I actually slept in these a few nights.  Maybe that’s my trick–I need to stop assuming pajamas=long sleeves, long pants.  I would have taken a picture of my outfit, but the shorts were suuuuuuuuuper short on me (I’m almost 6’0!) and I don’t want to scar anyone.

I also received a basic racerback tank, but because my torso is so long, it was a little too shrunken on me.  

The material was super soft and comfortable, and I’d be okay just wearing it in my room alone.  But not to lounge around in front of the family.

Last, there was a pair of pajama pants, which, AGAIN, were way too short on me initially, which made me super sad.  But then, I realized they had a little trick!  The bottoms roll up and have a contrasting pattern which is really cute!  

They are cute for hanging out, and the material is really interesting.  It’s cotton, but it almost felt like there was a suiting liner material in it.  It wasn’t my favorite feel–compared to the amazing knit in the long sleeve top, this material didn’t feel as wonderful.  (I tend to gravitate to thin, soft fabrics.)  Again, not bad, but not my favorite out of the bunch.


Overall, I was so happy about what I received that I’m going to place an order for myself!  Whenever I get home from work, I tend to just change into old VS yoga pants and a t-shirt, but once I started having actual cute clothes to lounge in, I got a little addicted and wanted more!

The prices are pretty good too–everything ranges from $15-$45ish.  

I think I’ll be picking up some of the ribbed leggings:

Anchor Shorts

Scotty Dog Shorts


PS:  How cute is this water bottle that was included in my package?  Give me all the anchors!


Tips on Shopping Lilly Pulitzer Online Sales

14 Aug

And so it begins.


Okay, so it’s not that serious, but here’s a round up of Lilly Pulitzer Sale Shopping tips that have helped me over the years.

What’s the big deal anyway?

Unless you live near an actual Lilly Pulitzer store or compete for the six dresses posted on Rue La La, chances are you don’t normally see Lilly Pulitzer on sale.  Like, anywhere.  There’s no sale section online (although, some of the online signature stores will have mark downs).

Twice a year, Lilly does a huge online sale on their main website here.  The prices are insanely low…even lower than the Warehouse Sale prices.  (See my write up here!)

Basically, these sales are the best.

Wait, prices are good?  How good are we talking here?

In the past, I’ve gotten Cassie dresses for $39.  Shoreline totes for $39.  Murfees for like $30.  I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought from the sale was a Let’s Cha Cha maxi dress for like $69.  (Yes, you read right.  A LCC maxi was at the sale.  it’s also where I got most of my You Gotta Regatta stuff!)

That’s insane.  So I can just roll over to the site and shop whenever?

You wish.  So, the sale will be starting this Monday at 8 AM EST, and will run until Thursday.  Normal people would think, wow, okay, maybe I’ll click around during my lunch break and pick up a few dresses.

You guys, this sale is serious business.  This is no casual, wonderful shopping experience.  Get ready for tears.  Frustration.  Site crashes.  Your dream dress selling out.

Here is my most important rule about the Lilly sales online:

All of the above will probably happen.  The site will crash.  You won’t be able to complete a transaction.  You’ll want to take to the Lilly FB page and vent about how you will NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN BECAUSE I LOST OUT ON GETTING MY FAVORITE MURFEE EVER I HAVE SEVEN KIDS TO SUPPORT AND I DESERVE THIS.  (I’m serious.  Reading the Lilly FB page during a sale is pretty entertaining.  We should make bingo cards.)

Well, that’s dumb that the site crashes.  They should buy more internet and be ready.  I am very angry.

(Yes, I have seen ladies say that before.)  Without getting into a super big technical explanation, you can’t just “buy” more internet.  A website is hosted on a server (along with a lot of other websites), and if traffic surges to several times its normal amount, it overloads that server and the website goes down.

Think of it like if you had a kid tugging on your arm asking for something.  You can handle that.  Heck, you could probably handle three kids asking you for something.  But, if seven thousand kids suddenly start pulling on you to get something, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and curl up in a fetal position. (Or just take this quiz…)

This happens to sites all the time.  (Twitter whale, anyone?) 

So, chill out, and channel that anger into some food.

Okay, I’m chill now.  So, practically, what should I do?

Lilly actually put out a list of sale tips, but if it’s all tl;dr, here’s some of the most helpful things to keep in mind.

1.  Create an account ahead of time and upload your payment information.

2.  Wake up early (like before 7 AM EST) and log into the site.  

Once the sale begins, things will begin to sell out super quickly.  If you are already logged in and have payment information ready, you can do fast checkouts with just clicking a few times.

3. Have multiple devices going.  Sometimes the site will load on one, but not the other.  I’ll shop on both my phone and my laptop.  Last sale, I ended up doing most of it off my iPhone, while my desktop site refused to process.

4.  Check out a million times.  Shipping is free during the sale, and it’s better to make a bunch of little transactions rather than wait to do one big one.  JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS IN YOUR CART DOES NOT MEAN IT IS YOURS.  (Again, that is one of my favorite rants to read on the FB page.  “It was in my cart, it was mine, and now it is gone!”  No. Sorry.  It’s not yours until you pay for it.)  Last year, I had like four separate orders, some of which just had one item.

5.  Thoughts on Teamwork.  

Here are my thoughts on teamwork.

Things sell out so quickly that if you spend time looking for your cousin’s best friend’s favorite print, then you might miss out on your own deals.

I think teamwork is great in most situations (like if you are at the Warehouse Sale), but when you are fighting bajillions of girls online who are salivating over lobster prints, I think it’s better to stay focused on your own list.

(Now, if you are buying a murfee and you know a friend will like it, by all means, snap up two.  But again, this whole process is so quick, you won’t have time.)

6.  Don’t be that girl.

Seriously.  Don’t take to Twitter, FB, Instagram and whine about how the site went down or how you missed out on the limited edition PGA Tour Murfee that is SO SUPER SPECIAL BECAUSE MY OMGBOYFRIEND PLAYS GOLF AND HE WILL KNOW MY EVERLASTING LOVE FOR HIM IS REAL IF I WEAR A GOLF THEMED SCARF

This is all of our faces in response to that type of behavior:

At the end of the day, it’s all just pretty printed fabric.  I promise you, even if you stumble out of there with a only cute Murfette clenched between your fingers, it will be okay.

Hope that helps!  Feel free to leave any other tips or sale shopping stories below.

xo Tier


Taking Your Style from Summer to Fall

13 Aug

As someone who loves summer (90 degrees and blisteringly sunny?  bring it on!), sometimes I feel a little guilty that I like fall clothing so much.  Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for great marketing, but there’s something about riding boots and cozy layers that make me happy.

I have to admit though, I feel kind of silly buying fall clothing in the middle of August, so lately I’ve been looking at pieces that make an easy transition from summer to fall.

Some things to keep in mind:  fabric is everything.  Steer clear of heavy wool or thick material, and instead look for cotton that can be worn alone to stay cool, or layered to keep warm.

Talbots did some of the work for me:

I love this dot and striped sweater–paired with shorts, I think it’s really cute for cooler summer nights or air-conditioned offices.  Then once fall hits, layer it over an oxford to stay warm.

I really love this silk sleeveless dress from J.Crew.  (It also comes in navy and a gorgeous wine color.)  Silk can be hard in the summer, mostly because if you sweat AT ALL, it shows through.  But, I think this is cute if you wear when it’s not sweltering out or if you know you’ll be inside.  

Once temperatures drop, I would belt this under a long cardigan and add some riding boots.

Also from J.Crew is this mixed media sweater.  I rarely want to buy items full price from J.Crew, but I happened to be in the store this week, and actually stopped to contemplate taking it home.  I decided to take my chance and wait for it to go on sale, but I loved everything about it–the knit in the front, and the oxford material in the back.  Also the asymmetrical hem.

There’s not a ton of revolutionary styling tips for this–I’d pair it with shorts or a little skirt while it’s still summer, and then switch to jeans once it’s cold.

One item I’ll buy year round are sleeveless shells.  Again, nothing new here.  I layer with a cardigan when it’s cold, and wear alone when I’m hot.

I love this option from Vineyard Vines.

If you want something a little cheaper, I recently picked this one up from LOFT.  I love the peter pan collar and the navy/white contrast.

Pro Tip:  It’s currently $29 online, but I bought it in the store for only $20.

I’ve actually really started to like LOFT a lot more recently.  They have a lot of cute transitional pieces like this chambray shirt dress, a drapey halter top, and a sheer paneled sweater.

On to Lilly Pulitzer.  Lilly can be a hard brand to transition from summer to fall.  The prints are so bright and summery that you can feel silly taking your cotton dresses to cooler temps.  

There are a few options that could make the leap:

This GiGi V-Neck Tank is under $40 (what?!) and would be cute alone or under a navy cardigan or suit jacket.

A similar piece is the Porter Henley Top.  It’s made from a slubby cotton material, so it could work by itself or layered under a cardigan.

My last Lilly item is the popover.  It’s a little more expensive, but I’ve worn my popovers more than anything else this summer.  The cotton is super soft and light, and it’s perfect for nighttime.  Plus the fit is amazing.  It transitions to fall for obvious reasons.

If the print is scary, they also have solids!

Denim Shirt Dress from Gap


Leopard Dress from Nordstrom

Anything you love?  Or do you have any good finds for me?  Let me know!

Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

11 Jul

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year–where you struggle to rein in your excitement about fall clothes while sweltering in the summer heat.  Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is filled with leather, leather, and more leather, and I love it!

While it’s still in pre-sale only for cardholders, the sale opens up to the general public next week.  

I spent some time online and in the store looking over everything, and here are some of my favorite things!

I can’t resist a leopard sneaker!

Nike Free TR Connect 2 – $72.90 (after sale $110)



I finally got these after hearing Belle rave about them!

Zella Live In Leggings – $33.90 ($52 after sale)

Michael Kors Mixed Metal/Navy Watch – $166 ($250 after sale!)

Tory Burch Riding Boots – $299 ($495 after sale!)


Halogen Calf Hair  Pump – $59 ($89 after sale)

I actually bought these!  I tried them on, and the shoe is really gorgeous.  Plus the heel is low enough so I don’t feel too tall.  

Jolt Colorblock Coat – $64 ($98 after sale)

(These were really gorgeous in person, but they didn’t have my size handy.  My friend bought them though!)

Enzo Angiolini Cross Strap Pump – $79 (after sale $119)


Halogen Colorblock Top – $44 + Leather Pencil Skirt – $164

Faux Leather Skirt – $46

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Tote – $126 ($195 after sale)

Michael Kors Leather Trim Cardigan – $65 ($99 after sale)

Kenneth Cole Leather Moto Jacket – $99 ($168 after sale)

Vince Camuto Lace Inset Dress – $78 ($118 after sale)

Lumberjack Sweater – $44


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